Things to Know

Many charity-fundraiser organizers try to find new and creative ways to enhance spending at their event. One of the most misunderstood perceptions is thinking that the majority of attendee comes to your event because it is for a good cause. There are many studies that prove that perception wrong and it can be detrimental to your overall success if you believe it. People attend charity-fundraiser events for these two major reasons……

  • They know the organizer or are part of the benefit where the profit will be made. For example, a school holds an event to raise money for their computer room. Most parents, friends and families will attend because it will ultimately help their child too.
  • They know the event is exciting and fun. This is the primary draw and the most important factor when charity-fundraiser organizer is looking to maximize profits.

Sporting the Stars is an excellent resource and audience pleaser. Utilizing our sports autographed memorabilia and sports merchandising appeals to everyone! Even if Mom does not like sports, her kids will. Therefore, she is open to bidding on a silent/live auction sports item because her kid would love it. It also gives the bidder a comfort level that it is for a good cause and the charity makes a profit without taking any risk.

West Chester University Athletics

Kelly Erisman, WCU Athletics

“We have worked with Mike Whelan for many of our fundraising golf outing and the service has always been outstanding. In our most recent event, the items from Sporting the Stars drew lots of interest from our attendees and helped us raise close to $1,400 through our silent auction.”