In today’s competitive environment, many companies, nonprofit and fundraising organizations are looking for new and exciting ways to improve profits, growth, performance and morale. Sporting the Stars offers a unique opportunity for organizations and businesses to utilize authentic sports memorabilia and merchandise in a variety of innovative ways to promote and accomplish their goals:
  • Charitable Events and Fundraisers
  • Employee Incentives, Recognition and Gifts
  • Customer Incentives, Appreciation and Rewards
  • Athletic Appearances and Speakers.
We work with yesterday’s legends, today’s all-stars, tomorrow’s superstars and prominent sports agents to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of unique products and services. Sporting the Stars brings 40 years of professional experience, integrity and passion to our partnerships with charities and businesses. We’ve built our success on great customer service assuring you a productive, valuable and enjoyable relationship. Sporting the Stars will consult with your team to find effective ways to meet your objectives, goals, timeframe and budget. Please contact us at 484-356-4377 or e-mail us at info@sportingthestars.com to learn how our winning game plan will help you exceed your expectations!

Teal Zebra

Les Mills, Event Coordinator
“I run a charity golf benefit every year, and simply could not do it without the help of Mike and Janet at Sporting the Stars.  Mike is extremely talented and creative and always produces the best quality prizes and signage for our event.  You won’t find better merchandise anywhere.  Janet keeps everything organized and does not miss a detail.  Mike and Janet complement each other perfectly.  I would highly recommend using Sporting the Stars for your next event, they are true professionals!”