Charity FAQ’s

Is there any cost upfront?

No, the sports memorabilia items selected for your event are consigned to you at a discounted price. Any profit raised through your event above the discounted consignment price of the sports merchandise will go directly to your worthy cause. When your event is completed we invoice you only for the items you sold. Payment is due 10-14 days after completion of the event. We accept all forms of payment.

Do we help you with the item selection?

Absolutely, we have on average 15-25 charity events every month. It is our business to know what is “hot” is and what is not selling! We want your event to be successful so it is important that you take our recommendation. Choosing items of personal preference does not normally work. Trust us to guide you to a successful event.

How and when do we receive the items for our event?

We will deliver your items to you or your charity event location a minimum of one week before your event date. If you need the items sooner we will gladly meet your timeframe requirements. All delivery details are discussed when we start our initial dialog with you. Communication is everything!

How do I know the autographed memorabilia from Sporting the Stars is authentic?

Sporting the Stars guarantees the authenticity and quality of every piece of autographed memorabilia. Every item has a hologram and a Certificate of Authenticity. This guarantees the item was signed in the presence of a reputable company and our Sporting the Stars representative will confirm the items are authentic.

What happens if items do not sell at an event?

Whatever items are not sold you simply return to Sporting the Stars without an obligation or cost. We make all return arrangements with you prior to the event so it is convenient to your schedule and drop off location.

How do I get in touch with a Sporting the Stars Regional Marketing Consultant?

You can contact our corporate office at 484-356-4377, email us at, or through this link. We also list our team consultants on our website. Click on “Our Team” under the “About Us” tab.

Will Sporting the Stars work at your event?

Yes! That is always left up to the discretion of our Sporting the Stars Regional Marketing Consultants. We take the following things into consideration; number of attendees, date and time of the event, location, number of items used, space and how well your event has been promoted. Also, if we participate, we will help you advertise your event through our social media contacts.

I’m interested in learning more about what Sporting the Stars offers. Is there any cost to get more information?

Sporting the Stars consulting time is free. Our expertise gives us the introduction we need to earn your credibility, trust and business opportunities. Call us and we will dedicate professional time to you and your charity/corporate team.

We have a limited marketing budget; are there any minimum requirements?

Sporting the Stars has no minimum requirements. No matter how small your budget or spending plans may be. We want to become strategic business partners and will find ways to meet your needs and goals.

Are there additional services that Sporting the Stars can provide for my company?

Sporting the Stars can provide a wide range of services to jump start sales and motivate your team through athlete appearances and memorabilia products. We will formulate a game plan that includes a corporate/employee reward program that works for your organization. Call us or email us to learn more about our custom programs.

Does Sporting the Stars offer any other unique services?

Yes, Sporting the Stars can contract an athlete or provide a selection of memorabilia for golf outings, charitable auctions, company picnics and non-profit organizational events. For more information about how Sporting the Stars can help you call 484.356.4377 or email

Does Sporting the Stars only hold private events and signings, or do they arrange events that are open to the public?

While Sporting the Stars does place athletes in private corporate events and charity auctions, Sporting the Stars also holds many public events and signings. These events will be posted on our site or you can call 484-356-4377 or email for information.

How can I find out about new Athlete signing appearances?

New appearances will be posted on our website, or you can call our corporate office at 484-356-4377 or email for information. Also, with your consent we will email you when new signings are scheduled.

Why doesn’t your website show prices?

We offer corporate “Special” pricing below retail value. We only work with corporate accounts building a longtime business partnership. We do not want to encourage retail, one time buyers.

Can I return my memorabilia purchase for any reason?

In order to preserve our integrity pledge on all autographed items Sporting the Stars does not accept returns on autographed memorabilia.

Does Sporting the Stars have a mailing list?

Sporting the Stars does have a mailing list! If you are interested in receiving updates and information on new events, athlete signings, etc. please email Also, keep informed of your favorite Athletes and Teams by filling out our VIP survey.